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I would like to extend a warm welcome to all students and their families to Grandview Public School.  As Principal of this school I look forward to meeting both new and returning members of... Read More


School Council members organize many fundraising activities throughout the school year and offer volunteer support for any and all activities as needed by the school and staff. 2015-2016 was an awesome year!  We... Read More

Zones of Regulation at Grandview

We are all working on self-regulation in our classes so you may hear your child talk about being in “the green zone” or another zone.  Students are encouraged to express how they are... Read More

Make Every Tuesday a “Popcorn” Day!

We will be continuing with our kernels popcorn “Toonie Tuesdays” with the exception that we will now be selling it every week instead of every other week. The flavours we are offering are... Read More

Staffing 2015-2016

Mrs. Kathy Burge - Principal


Mrs. Jenny Hill / Miss Hayley Preston                 

Mrs. Barb Mahoney / Miss Jennifer Willman     

Mrs. Colleen Smyth / Mrs. Gail Pearce

Mrs. Rebecca Spalding

Mrs. Kristie Purdy

Mrs. Diane Michael

Miss Renee Cowels

Mrs. Nicola Jones

Ms. Catherine Mann

Mrs. Marg Dyck

Ms. Elayne Windsor 

Mrs. Angela Landry                     

Ms. Eloise Whelan 

Mrs. Marnie Gabriele                                                

Mrs. J. Newell                       

Ms.  Karen Rule

Mrs. Jelynne Sornberger                                       


Ms. Donna Dart

Mrs. Laurel Pickett


Mrs. Cathy Bergmann

Mrs. Heather Hamilton

Mrs. A. Kelly

Mrs. Kim Marsh

Mrs. Victoria Young

Mrs. C. Wallace


Mr. Dan Fox

Mr. Richard Ballam

Mrs. Cindy Reynolds

School Schedules

8:55 - 9:10am Entrance Bell
9:10 - 9:22am Announcements
(School Day Commences)
9:22 - 10:10am Period 1
10:10 - 10:58am Period 2
10:58 – 11:18am 1st Nutritional Break
11:18 – 11:38am Recess
11:38 – 12:26pm Period 3
12:26 – 1:14pm Period 4
1:14 - 1:34pm 2nd Nutritional Break
1:34 – 1:54pm Rescess
1:54 – 2:42pm Period 5
2:42 - 3:30pm Period 6
3:30pm Dismissal Bell
(School Day Concludes)
3:30 - 3:40pm Bus Loading