April 5, 2019 Professional Activity Day Communication

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Professional Activity Day Agenda at Grandview Public School

We are excited to be able to offer a variety of learning opportunities for our staff at Grandview for the upcoming PA day. Each group will start their day at 9 am and will work collaboratively with others until 3:30 pm.

Our Educational Assistants are taking part in Behaviour Management Strategies (BMS) training in Lindsay with other EA’s throughout the Board.

There is an opportunity for music teachers to engage in learning about working through each step of the creative process through composition. They will be sharing book provocations which help inspire student learning and creativity. Finally they will look at planning, giving quality feedback for students and performing tricks.

Our Kindergarten teams will join other teams from the City of Kawartha Lakes to engage in learning and sharing about topics we commonly wonder about!

  • Exploring math through the lens of Kindergarten
  • Taking an inquiry stance with our students: How do we respond?
  • Embedding literacy throughout the day: Thinking about phonological awareness through reading and writing
  • A look at upcoming professional learning

Finally the grade 1 to 3 teachers will engage in professional learning about Math.  Specifically we will be looking at a variety of Scope and Sequences created and compare to our focus at Grandview. We will be looking at Design down planning and strategies to help our students in the math classroom. Finally, we will be looking at our School Improvement Plan to continue or revise our areas of focus for the remainder of the year and looking towards next year.