School Handbook



The Kindergarten children attend classes on full day every day basis. Grandview has three blended JK/SK classes. Within the guidelines of 
The Kindergarten Program, Ontario Ministry of Education the teachers develop programs to meet the diverse and constantly growing and changing needs of their students.




Grades 1 to 3

Within the curriculum guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education and the Trillium Lakelands Board of Education, teachers develop programs in all areas to meet the diverse needs of students. At Grandview, the classroom teacher is primarily responsible for providing appropriate programs for the students in their class. All classes receive a minimum of two Physical Education periods, a library period and a computer lab period during a fiveday cycle. The five day cycle is necessary in order to equitably schedule all classes into the gym, the computer lab or the library.





 Resource Program


The objective of the resource program is to provide immediate and appropriate intervention enabling students to progress to the best of his/her ability. For individual students, this may mean the establishment of modified programs within the classroom or short periods of resource withdrawal for assistance from the Special Education teachers.





All students in grades one through four participate in a Quality Daily Education Program. Students in these grades have a minimum of 20 minutes of daily physical activity above and beyond regular recess times. 




 Extra-curricular Activities & House League Activities


Extra-curricular activities are an extension of the academic program and provide students the opportunity to become involved in a variety of interesting and valuable experiences. All students are encouraged to become involved and the extra time and effort on behalf of the staff in providing these programs is much appreciated.






The following is a list of the extra-curricular clubs and activities which are usually offered each year.


Term 1



Cross Country

Fun Run


Term 2




Track & Field


Student/Teacher Soccer Game