Student Behaviour

o   Attend school on time

o   Have good personal hygiene

o   Wear clothes that are appropriate for the “Business of Learning”

o   Show verbal and physical self-control

o   Use courteous and respectful words and actions with everybody

o   Show respect for all school property

o   Return school property on time and in reasonable condition

o   Pay for school items that were lost or damaged

o   Behave appropriately and safely on school buses

o   Participate in class and complete assignments 

o   Complete tests and exams honestly

o   Obey school staff including supply teachers, educational assistants, secretaries or custodians

o   Follow all school policies and routines

o   Follow all the classroom policies and routines set by teachers

o   Accept discipline from staff attempts to correct student behavioural mistakes

o   Obey the board policy on the use of internet in schools

o   Do not bring cell phones and electronic devices to school except with special permission from teachers

o   Be responsible for personal electronic devices in the event of loss, theft or damage

o   Be personally responsible for passwords –including internet accessed by their passwords

o   Be accountable for content of any memory storage devices (i.e. USB memory sticks). (Staff have the right to request to see the content.)

o   Alert a staff member if they know of harmful or harassment types of behaviours targeting any of their classmates via use of electronic devices or internet sites

o   Be accountable for off-school property use of internet sites or electronic devices which may have a negative impact on the schoolenvironment

In addition, all STUDENTS must not:

o   Use swear words or improper rude language

o   Use threatening words, gestures or physical assault against a person or their belongings

o   Use displays of affection that are inappropriate for school setting

o   Harass by any means (verbal, physical, electronic device/internet) any member of school community

o   Use drugs, alcohol or tobacco on school property or at school events

o   Smoke or use any other tobacco product on school property, busses or events

o   Have, use, sell or give alcohol, illegal drugs or restricted prescription drugs ( sold illegally for non-medicinal purposes) on school buses, field trips, school property

o   Steal or vandalize the property of others

o   Use camera capable electronic devices in areas others expect to be private (washrooms, change rooms) or where there is a known objection to taking pictures

o   Connect PDA’s with internet capabilities to TLDSB network

o   Use internet or electronic devices to threaten, harass or demean any other member of the school community especially when  those actions interfere with that member’s ability to function in the school

o   Access inappropriate websites