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Remote Learning Support for Parents

Please visit for Remote Learning Support. On this page you will find technical support documents, videos, and links to help provide assistance when working with your child at home. Read More

Inclement Weather Days

This year when a bus cancellation occurs in a geographic region of the Board, schools within that region of the board will be closed to students and remote learning will be offered to... Read More


Staffing 2020-2021

Ms. Kerri-Lyn McFaul - Principal


Miss Renee Cowels / Mrs. Courtney Reynolds

Mrs. Barb Mahoney / Miss Jennifer Willman

Mrs. Jenny Hill / Mrs. Hayley Batty

Mrs. Colleen Smyth / Mrs. Gail Pearce

Ms. Ashley Fisher

Mrs. Diane Michael

Mrs. Rebecca Spalding

Mrs. Melinda Shorts

Ms. Shannon Hein

Mrs. Marg Dyck

Mrs. Nicola Jones

Ms. Kimberly Rumble

Mrs. Angela Landry

Ms. Catherine Mann

Mrs. Marnie Gabriele

Ms. Christine Phendler


Ms. Donna Dart

TBD   - Office/Library Clerk


Ms. Michaela Binkley

Mr. Matt Cameron

Mr. Rob Forget

Ms. Kim Phillips


Mr. Jordan Williams


School Schedules

8:55 - 9:10am Supervision Begins
9:10am Announcements
(School Day Commences)
9:10 - 10:10am Period 1
10:10 - 10:50am Period 2
10:50 – 11:10am 1st Nutritional Break
11:10 – 11:30am Recess
11:30 – 12:10pm Period 3
12:10 – 1:10pm Period 4
1:10 - 1:30pm 2nd Nutritional Break
1:30 – 1:50pm Rescess
1:50– 2:50pm Period 5
2:50 - 3:30pm Period 6
3:30pm Dismissal Bell
(School Day Concludes)
3:30 - 3:40pm Bus Loading