Student Agenda

This year we will again be using student agendas / communication books for all students.  The purpose of this student agenda is to assist students in developing the important skills of time management and organization.Students are asked to bring their agendas to class daily and to take it home each night.With the support and guidance of teachers and parents, this agenda should be used on a daily basis to:

  • Record assignments, projects and homework.
  • Record dates for special activities at home or at school.
  • Record dates for tests, projects and due dates for permission forms, etc.
  • Communicate between teachers and parents as needed.
  • Assist students in goal setting.

The appropriate use of the agenda will be evaluated as a part of the term work for each student.Daily parent signatures would be appreciated to ensure the communication between school and home is occurring.Parent involvement is an integral part of the successful use of the planner.

Reporting Dates

  • November 13th, 2015                                           – Progress Reports Go Home (Grs. 1-3) / No written JK/SK Report Cards
  • November 16th – December 11th, 2015                – Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • February 19th, 2016                                          –  Report Cards Go Home
  • June 29th, 2016                                                  –  Report Cards Go Home

Grandview Arrival Program (GAP)

The Ministry of Education and Training, in the spring of 1999, developed Policy/Program Memorandum 123 entitled “Safe Arrivals” which stated that all schools must develop and implement a safe arrival program.Grandview, in response to this policy has taken into account the fact that most of our children are bussed.It is an optional program designed to meet the needs of our school population.If you supervise your children until they board their school bus, you probably don’t need to sign up for the GAP.In our school, all our children are bussed and therefore, it is assumed that supervision to and from the bus takes place.The Grandview Arrival Program (GAP) is run by office staff to ensure that children arrive safely at school.

THE PROCESS -(If you choose to opt into the program)

As a parent or guardian, you are required to call an answering machine (705-277-2966) at the school when your child is going to be absent or late.You must call each day that the child is absent or late.(If you are aware that your child will be absent for more than one day, please advise either the GAP or your child’s teacher).Because you are calling an answering machine, you may call any time – even during the night.The office staff listen to the taped messages and compare the messages with the attendance lists provided each day by the classroom teachers.

If a child is absent and no message has been left on the answering machine then calls to the phone numbers provided by the parent are made to see if the child is safe.If unable to locate the child, appropriate action is taken.

The only exception to this procedure will be during Inclement Weather Days.No phone calls will be required during inclement weather days when busses are cancelled since we’ll assume that no children will be at school.Attendance of children who are driven to and from school on days when busses are cancelled will be taken upon the student’s arrival at school.


If a child is late, he / she must be signed in at the office by a parent/ guardian or bring a note signed by a parent / guardian explaining the lateness.If a child has been absent, he / she must bring a note from the parent /guardian explaining the reason for the absence and the date(s) involved.The teacher will retain these notes.In the case of early dismissal, the parent must sign out the child so that the school is aware of the absence.When students are absent from school or arrive late they lose opportunities to learn. Furthermore, when students disrupt classes by being late or frequently absent, they interfere with other students’ opportunities to learn. Perhaps most importantly, the habits of consistent attendance and timely arrival are habits that will serve young people well in their future work lives. It is important that students must make up missed work as soon as possible after their absence.

Homework Policy

Homework is school work too.Students are expected to complete homework regularly in order to extend and consolidate their school learning experiences.Assigned homework is assessed.Students learn best when they, their parents, and the school work together – homework is one way in which families and schools can collaborate in order to improve student learning.


It is the policy of Trillium Lakelands District School Board to provide a transportation service in accordance with the Education Act to eligible students.This service reflects a partnership with the home that is consistent and ensures the most efficient use of available resources.The Board provides transportation for eligible students during the traditional school year from home to school and back again in a way that ensures that students arrive safely and ready to learn.The conduct of students on school buses conforms to that expected on other school property.Initially any student who does not comply with the rules will receive counselling, unless the offence is of a more serious nature and requires further action.The second time there is a behaviour problem; the parents will be informed that the third incident will likely result in a bus suspension.If a student is suspended from the bus, it is the parent’s responsibility to transport the child to school for the duration of the bus suspension.Severe behaviour may result in immediate suspension from the bus.